What steps do I take if a dog eats chocolate?

Chocolate poisoning in dogs results from something that most households have lying around the house. Chocolate chip-cookies, chocolate bars, etc., are in just about every kitchen and yet it is one of the most lethal substances a dog can ingest

dog sniffing chocolate

Dog sniffing chocolate

A big problem with the ability of chocolate to poison a dog is that a lot of dog owners have never heard ot it, and feed their dog chocolate like they would share anything else they might have. Small amounts of chocolate, chocolate flavoured cake or ice-cream that doesn’t have the deadly variety of the toxin, lead these people to develop habits of feeding chocolate to their dogs. Dogs love chocolate (a huge problem) and once they have had it, even just a small amount, will begin to develop a craving for it no different from us humans! Most dogs have a sweet tooth and this is a perilous scenario when it comes to chocolate as they will seek it out if they smell it around the house, knowing that it is a treat that they have enjoyed before.

Signs and Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning
Poison by chocolate can occur quickly if your dog had a large amount, but sometimes even small amounts will show signs of poisoning within a few short hours. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, restlessness and hyperactivity, and he or she might even go to you for help. Symptoms will progressively get worse from restlessness to arrhythmia and other muscle twitching. Frequent urination is common, a direct side affect of the toxin in chocolate.

If you know your dog had chocolate and even the first signs develop, call your veterinarian right away. If you are unaware of your dog eating chocolate but they develop these symptoms, this might also be a sign of another type of poison and you need call your Vet immediately. If symptoms on chocolate poisoning don’t subside at this point, they will probably increase to hyperthermia and seizures, which can quickly escalate to a coma leading to death.

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