What should I feed my dog?

Feeding your dog a well balanced dried food that is formulated for the age of your dog helps achieves the best results. Always ask your vet or training classes if you’re not sure. Many supermarkets sell large packs of good dog and puppy food nowadays. To keep your dog healthy DO NOT feed human leftovers or feed your dog from your plate, there is a huge amount of sugar and salt in ‘human food’, it will not do your dog any good at all, instead they’ll start to get obsessed about getting tit-bits at dinner time, and they’ll never leave you to eat in peace. Dogs are dogs, not little people, there are some things that are very bad you’re your dog, and chocolate is one. Chocolate for human consumption will make your dog ill and many consider it poisonous for dogs (because of caffeine induced heart problems). Don’t feed your dog human food, you’ll be starting on the road to picky eating, grumpy behaviour, bad teeth/bones, mood swings, obsessed with begging at meal times etc…

Puppies should be fed specially made puppy food, buy this from your vet or pet shop. Puppies require quite a bit of food to grow well, so it’s worth getting a good brand even if it’s just for the first few weeks.

When should I feed my puppy?
This is a difficult one; everyone you ask will have a different view on this question. One suggestion is to leave a bowl of food out all day until your bedtime. Now some people think this is bad – letting a dog eat when it wants. However puppies need all the food they can get whilst growing, and leaving your dog to eat when they want means they become less obsessed with food and feeding time and when they’re hungry they can eat. If you give your dog a good dry biscuit food it’s very unusual to get a fat dog with this method. Having said that, obviously keep an eye on your dog’s weight, and alter the feeding programme accordingly. Also remove the food bowl when going to bed as it helps prevent your puppy having a midnight feast and needing a wee or poo in the middle of the night.

If you don’t want to leave dried food out for them all the time, young puppies should be fed 4 times a day. When they reach 4 months of age you should feed them 3 times daily, reducing to twice a day at 6 months. The amount to feed your puppy will depend on their age and size. If your puppy starts to get diarrhea, cut down the amount you are feeding immediately and give them plain boiled rice and chicken for the day. If your puppy seems unwell or if there is blood in their poo, contact your vet immediately. Always have a fresh supply of water available.

For more information, we recommend you visit: http://www.howtotrainadog.co.uk


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