What foods are bad for dogs?

There are numerous foods and similar items that should never be given to dogs and indeed some are potentially deadly. Some foods, like chocolate, are well-known as a food that you should not give to dogs, while others are not less well-known.

dog sniffing chocolate

Dog sniffing chocolate


Poison by chocolate can occur quickly if your dog had a large amount, but sometimes even small amounts will show signs of poisoning within a few short hours. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, restlessness and hyperactivity. Theo bromine is the toxic ingredient in chocolate.

The potato peels are the most dangerous part of the potato for the dog. It can affect their nervous and urinary systems.

In particular, green tomatoes Green Tomatoes contain oxalates, which can trigger abnormalities with the nervous system, kidneys and digestive tract.

Grapes and Raisins
Grapes and raisins are toxic for dogs. Grapes and raisins (dried grapes) can cause acute kidney failure. Because the kidneys act as filters for toxins in the dog’s system, when the kidneys are not functioning correctly, toxins accumulate in the body and ultimately lead to death.

Onions and Garlic
Onions and garlic can trigger a form of anaemia where the body’s red blood cells burst. This results in poor oxygen supply to the vital organs and tissues. When fed regularly in small doses, serious and potentially deadly nutritional deficiencies can also result. So dog owners should always check ingredients of prepared foods before offering these foods to pets.

Dogs cannot take alcohol, even in small amounts. Alcohol ingestion by dogs can result in intoxication, liver failure, coma, seizures and death.

Nuts and walnuts are toxic to dogs, and these foods can also trigger pancreatitis. Peanuts can trigger a deadly allergic reaction.

Mushrooms contain toxins that will trigger numerous organ systems, including the kidneys, liver and brain. Nervous system abnormalities, seizure, coma, vomiting, and death can all result when a dog ingests mushrooms.

Seeds from fruit
Apple seeds, cherry, peach, plum pits all contain dangerous ingredients.

Milk, Ice cream other dairy products
Whole Milk, Ice cream other dairy products can can cause diarrhea in your dog and make them very ill.

Other foods that you should not give your dog include: raw eggs, raw fish, salt and yeast

In the event of a problem involving your Dog who may have ingested a toxic food or other potentially deadly substance, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.



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