Training your Cat

Training your CatAlthough cats are independent by nature they are highly intelligent and Training your Cat to show desirable behaviour rather than undesirable behaviour can be achieved over a short period of time.

To discourage a cat from scratching furniture, provide a scratching post for your cat. If the cat scratches the furniture give out to the cat in a loud voice or spray with a jet of water from a water pistol.

Cats are naturally clean animals and kittens learn from their mothers to bury their faeces. This is why kittens are so easy to toilet train and readily use a litter tray. Litter trays should be placed in a quiet area, be readily accessible and kept clean.

Cats will also respond to rewards such as small treats for a job well done. They generally are obedient when given short clear instructions. Keep orders short for cats! Say ‘Out’ instead of ‘Get Out’ or ‘Come Out’. Say ‘Down’ instead of ‘Get Down Cat’.

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