Popular Dog Health Issues

Like their owners, Dogs can suffer from a variety of Popular Dog Health Issues. Exposure to a number of these illnesses can be reduced greatly by taking good care of your pet with regular exercise, healthy diet and good pet hygiene. However, some medical conditions arise from genetics or old age and are more serious such as Dog Cancer, Dog Arthritis but to name a few.

dog suffering

Dog suffering in pain

Detecting early signs of any potential dog health problems will obviously help to ensure the well being of your dog or puppy is maintained. Basic observation of a dog or puppy will alert it’s owner to changes in the normal behaviour of the dog and that something is wrong. A straight forward check of the dog will help to confirm any suspicions of ill health.

The following list mentions some of the changes that you should keep an eye out for with your dog. If you notice anything irregular about your dog, we strongly urge you to contact your local veterinarian before deciding on any treatment as he or she will help you decide on what is the best solution for your pet:

  • Sluggishness – All Dogs sleep a lot, but they should they should be lively and alert when they are awake. Sluggishness may be a result of several causes from old age to anaemia
  • Movement – Check for any signs of lameness. Check for problem area with a firm hand to locate painful area
  • Appetite – Variations in appetite can indicate ill health
  • Excessive Thirst – Excessive thirst is an important indicator of a dog health problem
  • Weight Loss – Progressive weight loss is another indicator of a dog health problem
  • Eyes – The white of the eyes should look with no signs of veins, ulcers, sores or discharge
  • Ears – The ears should have no signs of discharge. Ears should be clean and free from wax. There should be no signs of matted hair in the ears
  • Mouth – The mouth should be look pink and healthy
  • Teeth – Should be white with no signs of discoloriing. Check that there is nothing lodged between the teeth (e.g. small pieces of bone)
  • Head – Should be no signs of deep wounds, sore patches or any hair loss
  • Limbs – Should be no signs of deep wounds, sore patches or any hair loss
  • Skin – The skin should feel and behave as if it were elastic
  • Temperature – A dog’s temperature should be between 38 and 39 degree Celsius
  • Breathing – Any signs of irregular breathing should be noted
  • Vomiting – Vomiting can indicate various problems
  • Diarrhoea – Signs of irregular Diarrhoea should be noted (Bloody, loose etc) and reported to your local vet.
  • Urination – Irregular and frequent Urination should be noted and reported to your local vet.
  • Discharge – Any Vaginal discharge should be noted and reported to your local vet.


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