Kennel Cough in Dogs

When a dog is exposed to poorly ventilated areas, overcrowding, cigarette smoke or large amounts of dust, its respiratory system can become infected. This can lead to a severe, dry hacking cough which is similar to chest colds that we may suffer.

How to cure Kennel Cough in Dogs :

Antibiotics are often administered as a cure for kennel cough, as they can in most cases effectively wipe out the infection. However, this can significantly weaken a dog’s immune system, rendering it more susceptible to developing long term health complications.

Another common kennel cough treatment is vaccinations as a prevention method. Although this is a popular way of treating kennel cough before it occurs, regular vaccinations are recommended to help your dog to fight off this illness.

As an alternative, natural kennel cough cures are becoming more popular. Pet owners are realising the potential dangers of conventional medications, and are seeking safer alternatives. Natural remedies can be as effective, and can not only offer a cure for kennel cough, but also remove unhealthy chemicals and boost your dog’s overall health.

Please note you should always consult with your veterinarian before deciding on a treatment to relieve kennel cough in dogs. He or she will help you decide on what is the best solution for your pet.

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