How to train a dog?

Training a dog whether it is a puppy or an older dog takes time. The first commands that a dog needs to know are sit, stay, no, lie down and come here. Start with sit, then move onto stay, come here and then lie down. The no command may need reinforcement, but most dogs learn this command with time. It is important to be consistent and train the dog daily for about 30 minutes a day. After training, there should always be a little playtime.

Step One: Training a dog to sit, you will need a two metre (6ft) lead and some small dog treats. Gently pat the dog’s rear as you are saying sit. As the dog sits, reward him or her with a treat. Walk the dog a few feet and repeat the command while gently pressing down on the rear. Then reward. This training should be done every day for about a week until the dog knows and performs the command.

Step Two: After the dog has learned to sit, the next command to teach is stay. Using the lead, tell the dog to sit. After the dog sits, say good boy or girl and reward with a small treat. While putting your hand in the stop position like traffic police do, tell the dog to stay and gradually walk back a few feet while holding the lead. Wait a few minutes, then walk back to the dog and praise with a reward. Repeat this step gradually walking a full two metres and returning. After a week, drop the lead and command the dog to stay while you walk ten metres away. Then practice walking out of sight.

Step Three: Training the dog to come to you is going to come right after they learn to stay. To teach a dog to come, use the lead, tell the dog to sit and stay. Walk about two metres away and tell the dog to come whilst gently pulling on the lead. When the dog comes to your side, reward with a treat. Repeat this step and gradually work the distance until you reach about 15 metres. After this success, leave the dogs sight and when you re-appear, ask the dog to come and reward it.

Step Four: Teaching the dog the no command should be easy to do. When the dog is doing something wrong, say no and point your finger at the dog. The no command is probably already being learned since you had the dog, but some dogs do not understand what is meant by no. The understanding of no is usually understood with time.

Step Five: Training the dog to lie down is done by telling the dog to sit, then telling them to lie down while placing your hand down to the ground in front of them. Reward as the dog learns and does what is commanded. This command is usually learned quickly and can be used with the stay command.

Helpful Tips:

Never shout at a dog during training.
Always be consistent with your wording of the commands.
Keep repeating commands to your dog as they age, they can forget or choose to disobey.
Some breeds will take longer than others to train.

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