How to look after a dog?

A dog needs attention and regular care to keep it happy, healthy and well-balanced. In return you get a life-long, loving relationship with your pet. Aside from love and a good home your dog requires Feeding, Exercise, Grooming, Training and Regular Vet Visits.

Feeding your Dog

  • Dry food is a great choice of feed for your dog as it provides a well balanced diet and isn’t as messy as canned food or meat. Dry food contains all the nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your dog.
  • Purchase a heavy metal bowl so that your dog doesn’t push it around the kitchen floor. Also make sure the bowl is the right size for your dog as it will give you a rough idea of how much you need to feed them. Remember to clean the bowl every few days to prevent build up of germs.
  • You could also get a measuring cup from a pet shop or use an old kitchen jug, then scoop out the right amount for your dog. It will usually say on the bag or box of food.
  • Always ensure your Dog has plently of fresh water. It is very important you keep your dogs bowl full of fresh clean water at all times. Don’t let them drink out of buckets etc. in your garden as they may contain harmful substances or algae.
  • Give treats. Dogs like to get surprises as well. Give them a bone or toy instead of treats if you cant resist their pleading eyes. You don’t want to over feed them. Dog biscuits are great for a reward when training.
  • Feeding your Puppy: Ensure your puppy’s dietary needs are met by introducing them to ‘solid’ food as they are being weaned. Any new foods should be brought in gradually so as not to upset the young stomach. Special puppy canned and dry food is available. Note: Puppies will need to be fed a few times a day until six months old, then twice a day until they are twelve months old. After that, you may only need to feed your dog once a day.

Exercise your Dog
A dog needs a walk every day to keep them fit and healthy. Some breeds require more exercise especially larger dogs and working breeds. The more active your dog breed is then the more exercise they need. They are also more social when they are in public places. When dogs are given regular exercise, they are more calm at home and are less restless when left alone.

Dog Grooming
Regular dog grooming keeps your dog clean and healthy, as well as preventing skin infections caused by matted hair, periodontal disease caused by uncared for teeth, ear infections from excessive build up of wax, dirt and bacteria, etc. However, dog grooming is not for everyone and if you are unsure about any aspects, we recommend that you have your dog professionally groomed or speak to your Vet for any recommendations he/she might have.

Dog Training
The absolute first thing you must train your dog to do is is to behave whilst in your house. House training means he must learn where and when he may do his business. Besides being substantially advantageous to the hygiene of your household, dogs benefit from having rules and a routine. There are many dog trainers and it is bst that are aware of what you want from the sessions. Dog Trainers and/or dog training books and videos can be found online, through word of mouth or recommendations from your veterinarian.

Regular Vet Visits
You should take your Dog to your local Vet for health check-ups and vaccinations on a regular basis. It is recommended that you take your dog for an annual examination to the veterinary clinic. Your Vet can check your dog for illnesses you may not be aware of and assess his overall health. He/she will also check your dog for any worm infestations and will prescribe correct medication to eradicate any problem they may have with these parasites. Vaccinations, given by your Vet, will begin when your puppy is about eight weeks old and continue over a scheduled period of time (within months and then annually).

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