How to get rid of fleas on dogs?

Fleas can transmit disease and cause tapeworm, so getting rid of fleas on your pet is a must for a healthy animal and a healthy home. Fleas prefer warm and humid conditions. One adult flea on your pet implies that you have got hundreds of flea eggs, pupae and larvae in your home, such as in the carpets, dog bedding, rugs and mats.

Dog with fleas

Firstly you need to eradicate of all the fleas that are there in your home.Then tackle your dog’s fleas. There are a number of flea control products that you can use on your dogs. You can use monthly topical products, such as the dips, sprays, shampoos, powders, collars and oral as well as injectable products. Remember that the fleas will only be killed when they come into contact with the insecticide and absorb it.

There are certain products that kill fleas and there are other products that kill fleas as well as ticks, so you must know what exactly you are looking for before you buy.

The ingredients in the products that kill fleas on your dogs include permethrin, pyrethrin, or fipronil. You must bear in mind that dog flea products can be harmful on cats, so do not try to use the dog flea products on your cat if it also has fleas.

When you are spraying your dog with the flea sprays, you need to spray all parts of the animal infested with fleas. For around the eyes and ears of a dog, just spray a small amount of the spray on some cotton wool then apply.

The flea and tick shampoos must be thoroughly applied on the body of the dog and then left on for a specified time (Read supplied shampoo instructions carefully) before you rinse the shampoo off. Ensure the shampoo does not enter the Dog’s eyes and ears.

The dips are also applied to the whole body of the dog and care should be taken so that the product does not come into contact with the eyes and ears of the dog.

Flea and tick collars are very effective, but they need to be fitted correctly. Ensure that there is no extra part of the collar dangling that your dog could chew. A lot of these collars can lose their effectiveness once wet, so read labels carefully before you buy.

It is also worth consulting with your local Vet about Dog Fleas or Ticks as they can recommend a suitable treatment for your Dog.


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