How to find lost dogs?

Whilst out walking, dogs can wander off. They usually can come back to to where they left you providing of course you have not moved from this spot. If your dog is familiar with the area it should know the way home so it will often return home or to your car with a wagging tail.

However, if your dog has been missing for 12 hours or more you need to check with the Police, your local Dog Warden and pet rescue organisations in your area.

lost dog poster

Things to do if your dog is lost or missing:

  • Ask some family members or friends to help you search for the dog.
  • Check with the Police, your Dog Warden, Vet, Rescue Organisation and they will inform you if they find your dog.
  • Ask at all the local newsagents and Post Offices near to where you lost the dog in case someone has seen it.
  • Check with the drivers at taxi ranks. They drive around the local area day and night and are likely to see stray dogs wandering about.
  • Create up some posters with a colour photograph of your dog and your contact details. Give these to the postman or milkman in the area to distribute.
  • Check with Farmers near where you lost the dog to find out if they saw your dog.

How to increase the chances that your dog is returned to you?

  • Microchip your Dog – Microchips are small transponders that are about the size of a grain of rice and are usually fitted to your dog under the skin in the scruff of the neck. When a detector is placed near the chip it transmits an identification code. This code is then passed to a software database and it contains information regarding the owner of the dog and who to contact regarding the dog. Most vets can fit microchips to your dogs at an affordable price.
  • Dog Tags – A dog tag is the easiest way for someone to identify the owner of your dog as very few people carry a microchip reader in their pocket! If possible opt for an engraved tag as this will withstand the elements and normal wear and tear the best.


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