How to draw a dog?

This is a simple 6 step guide on how to draw a cartoon dog! Man’s best friend, what better charactor to light up your drawings, than a puppy, just like the one in the picture below?

Dog Drawing 1

Taking one step at a time, going from basic shapes, like circles and curved lines, to a fine looking dog your masterpeace will be completed in no time. In every step all you have to do is follow the red lines and that’s all there is to it!

Step 1: Get blank paper, pencil, rubber (To erase mistakes and also to erase lines you have not coloured in), and pens/markers of your choice.

Step 2: For a basic shape for the body and the head of your dog, draw a kidney-bean and an oval, respectively. Then draw one more oval for the snout.

Draw a dog: Step 2

Step 3: To give your dog a chance to play around, draw a couple of legs on it’s near side, as below. Don’t forget the paws, just a couple of small ovals should do it.

Draw a dog: Step 3

Step 4: In this step draw the ears with a couple of curved lines. Add two more legs (similar to those already drawn above), on the far side, then connect the head and the body through a short neck. To make the picture whole, draw a simple tail.

Draw a dog: Step 4

Step 5: To animate your furry friend, add some detail to his face: eyes, a nose, hair and a smiley mouth. After you sketch the paws, you should draw some spots, all over the dog’s body, just in a random pattern.

Draw a dog: Step 5

Step 6: As you can see, by looking at your drawing so far, everything came together quite nicely. All that is left to do is trace the lines you want to keep with a pen and just erase the extras.

Draw a dog: Step 6

The example shown above is colored in shades of brown, but you can use whatever combination of colours you like.

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