How to clean a dogs ears?

If your dog has an ear infection then you should not attempt to clean their ears. Instead your dog should be seen by your local vet.

However, if it is just some visible dirt you can do the following. Also, it may be easier if you have someone else with you to help keep your dog still. Try to put your dog in a comfortable position and make sure he is calm before you start.

Clean Dogs Ears

Steps to clean your dogs ears:

  • Get a cotton ball and wet with ear cleaning solution (for dogs). The consistency of a squeezed sponge would be sufficient.
  • Once your cotton ball is ready, gently clean the ear lobe removing any dirt you see in the process. Afterwords, gently massage the ear by rubbing the ear back and forth for less than 1 minute and repeat process if necessary.
  • For harder areas to reach in your dog’s ear you can use a cotton bud (Q-tip) with some ear solution applied but ensure you do not enter the ear canal.
  • Once finished pet you dog or give your dog a treat and this will help for the next time you want to clean their ears.

It is strongly recommended that you have either a professional Pet Groomer or your local Vet undertake this task as they have the clinical knowledge to ensure no hearing damage will occur to your dog.

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