How long can dogs go without eating?

You are possibly reading this because you are wondering how long dogs go without eating food. If this is the case then call your local Vet and he/she will know what course of treatment to follow for your Dog.

dog goes without eating food

A dog can survive for at least five days without food but it depends on their health and physical condition before the period of starvation. It is said that they can go without food for about three or four weeks without access to food providing they have access to drinking water but it really depends on the breed of dog.

If your dog is not eating. Do not wait longer than 48 hours before calling your local Vet.

Dangers of when dogs go without eating food :

They become dehydrated over time

There state of alertness decreases.

They may become agitated easily and possibly bite.

Their physical activities lessen day by day.

Remember that dogs may stop eating food for a number of reasons so it is important not to panic if they suddenly lose their appetite. If two days pass and they still have not started to eat again, try some of their favorite snacks or if they like bones, give them one. Watch carefully and if nothing changes, definitely arrange a visit or call to your local vet.

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