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About Puppies

About Puppies

Puppies do not need to be difficult or stressful. Dog training is something magical and fulfilling for both you and your dog. Puppy training is a wonderful way to further develop the natural bond between humans and dogs. A trained puppy is a well balanced content and happy dog. From the German Sheperd to the […]

How to get your dog used to...

How to get your dog used to wearing a collar?

It can be very frustrating, trying to get your dog used to wearing a collar. It is best to start this process when they are a Puppy and start off with a soft, lightweight collar, not a stiff leather one. There are other other methods you can try aside from the steps outlined below, so […]

How long tapeworm stay in d...

How long tapeworm stay in dogs?

If left untreated Tapeworm can stay within your dog for a long period of time. The important thing to do is if you suspect that your dog or puppy may have tapeworms is to treat immediately. Tapeworms can be found by keeping an eye out for white, mobile segments crawling on your dog or in […]

How to introduce dogs to ea...

How to introduce dogs to each other?

If your peaceful house has a single dog, this harmony can easily descend into chaos with the introduction of a second dog. It is important to get things right from the start when a new dog is introduced. Beneath are a few steps to smooth the introduction and help ensure that both dogs learn their […]

How are sled dogs trained?

How are sled dogs trained?

Training of sled dogs starts when they are puppies. It is recommended that a litter of pups are purchased at the same time to train. The two most important things about sled dogs is that they know when to go and stop. Other things such as avoiding obstacles follow on. The method set out below […]