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How to teach your Puppy not...

How to teach your Puppy not to chew

Ok, you got your new puppy, brought him/her home and after a few minutes your puppy is up to mischief. Basically, the purpose of this article ‘How to teach your Puppy not to chew’ hopefully will give you some solutions to the missing socks, chewed slippers etc. Puppies use their sense of taste just as children […]

GPS Trackers for Dogs

GPS Trackers for Dogs

At some stage during the lifetime of a dog, they invariably will get lost somewhere. The experience of losing a dog is more stressful for the owners than the dog usually. Utilizing GPS Trackers for Dogs is an excellent way of keeping tabs on your pooch! This is how GPS Trackers for Dogs work : […]

How to reward your dog for ...

How to reward your dog for good behaviour?

To reward your dog for good behaviour basically it involves anything that you know that the dog likes. Be careful not to make the reward something big that you cannot repeat everytime your dog is good. Simple ways to reward your dog for good behaviour include: Favourite Food – If you know your Dog loves a particular […]

How to get your dog used to...

How to get your dog used to wearing a collar?

It can be very frustrating, trying to get your dog used to wearing a collar. It is best to start this process when they are a Puppy and start off with a soft, lightweight collar, not a stiff leather one. There are other other methods you can try aside from the steps outlined below, so […]

Which dogs have to wear muz...

Which dogs have to wear muzzles in public places?

[amazon asin=B000LXU95M&template=image]Labrador picture above is the Nobbly Nylon Dog Muzzle from Amazon’s Best Seller in Dog Muzzles. Which dogs have to wear muzzles in public places in the UK?  In the UK, there is not a specific law that specifies which breeds of dogs should wear muzzles. However under ‘The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991’ you could […]

How to introduce dogs to ea...

How to introduce dogs to each other?

If your peaceful house has a single dog, this harmony can easily descend into chaos with the introduction of a second dog. It is important to get things right from the start when a new dog is introduced. Beneath are a few steps to smooth the introduction and help ensure that both dogs learn their […]

How are sled dogs trained?

How are sled dogs trained?

Training of sled dogs starts when they are puppies. It is recommended that a litter of pups are purchased at the same time to train. The two most important things about sled dogs is that they know when to go and stop. Other things such as avoiding obstacles follow on. The method set out below […]

How to keep dogs out of flo...

How to keep dogs out of flowerbeds?

When it comes to choosing a suitable repellent to keep your dog off your grass and off the flower beds there are many commercially available outdoor dog repellents available to buy that generally come in spray form. You also can make your own solution to keep dogs off your flowerbeds. Homemade Dog Repellents Include: Citrus […]

Why dogs chase cats?

Why dogs chase cats?

Dogs chase cats because dogs by nature are natural predators and act upon survival instincts to chase and catch smaller creatures to eat. The survival instincts can be modified by training or a pet behaviour specialist. The natural instinct that encourages dogs to chase cats is triggered by movement. When you throw a toy to […]

How to stop dogs from barki...

How to stop dogs from barking?

When dogs bark, it is a perfectly normal part of their behaviour. Dogs are territorial and as such use their bark to protect you, your family and their territory and ward off unwelcome visitors. However, sometimes dogs can bark excessively and there can be other reasons for this such as loneliness, boredom, anxiety or indeed […]

How to stop dogs from diggi...

How to stop dogs from digging?

One of the biggest annoyances that can come with owning a dog is if he/she likes to constantly dig holes and how to stop dogs from digging. Our dogs bring lots of joy into our lives, but excessive digging problems can certainly put a strain on the owner-dog relationship. Give your dog lots of exercise, […]