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Kylie Jenner – Stars and their Pets

  • 10:46 am

Anyone who follows the youngest of the Kardashian – Jenner extended family on social media will know about her beautiful Italian greyhound dogs called Norman and Bambi. After being accused of underfeeding the pups, Kylie revealed her […]

How to teach your Puppy not to chew

  • 3:13 pm

Ok, you got your new puppy, brought him/her home and after a few minutes your puppy is up to mischief. Basically, the purpose of this article ‘How to teach your Puppy not to chew’ […]

GPS Trackers for Dogs

  • 9:18 am

At some stage during the lifetime of a dog, they invariably will get lost somewhere. The experience of losing a dog is more stressful for the owners than the dog usually. Utilizing GPS Trackers […]

Cocker Spaniel – Dog Breed

  • 11:01 am

The Cocker Spaniel – Dog Breed is the smallest member of the Sporting Group (Cocker Spaniels were originally bred as hunting dogs in the UK). They have a firm, compact body shape with a […]

Pug – Dog Breed

  • 10:11 am

The Pug as a dog breed is a very popular choice for many. The Pug characteristics are mainly that they have a wrinkled face with short muzzle appearance and generally they have a curled […]

Dog Photo Gallery

  • 3:53 pm

There are many breeds of dogs in the world today, and beneath are just a short selection from our Dog Photo Gallery.

Please also take the time to explore the many articles we have about […]

Bird Photo Gallery

  • 3:27 pm

There are many species of birds in the world today, and beneath are just a short selection that form our Bird Photo Gallery.

There are of course many more bird breeds that we could include in […]

Chickens / Ducks

  • 3:22 pm

Chickens or Ducks are not what you would normally consider but these can make fantastic pets, providing you have the right set-up and zoning to keep them.

Both can be very engaging, friendly and entertaining […]


  • 3:21 pm

Lovebirds are so named because of their habit of sitting in pairs and preening each other, these sweet-natured and friendly birds make great pets.

They are hardy creatures which can tolerate extreme temperatures, especially cold […]